Tech Data’s marketing function is focused on driving enhanced results for our customer and vendor partners. This encompasses creating innovative programs and services focused on high-growth markets that help partners grow their businesses, and driving demand creation and lead generation initiatives which enable partners to unlock new revenue opportunities. No matter what size a business is, it’s about understanding that business, identifying the right technology and vertical markets, and using this knowledge to develop strategies that help partners grow as well as move into new technology and vertical segments. Through close alignment of sales and marketing activities, we help partners drive increased demand, build pipelines and deliver solid returns on their investments.
Demand Generation and Marketing programs - broadly classified under 2 approaches as defined below:
 Market “To”  -
An Approach where the target audience is the Reseller
Market “With” –
An Approach where we Market “with” a Reseller and the target audience is Reseller’s end-customer
Here is a comprehensive list of activities driven by the Marketing function:
* Digital marketing
* Telemarketing
* Lead Generation Campaigns
* Trade Show Support
* Events
* Advertising/Publicity
* Relations Support
* Business Management Consulting
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