The Tech Data StoragePath Solution: 


Whether you are new to the storage market or an established provider, Tech Data StoragePath can help you capitalize on the vast opportunities shaping this space, quickly and profitably. Built on Tech Data’s SolutionsPath® methodology, StoragePath prepares and positions you to address the top storage goals of today’s enterprises, including:

• Optimization of storage resources across the IT infrastructure

• Support for virtualization, business continuity and disaster recovery imperatives

• Legal and regulatory compliance

 Why StoragePath?

• Align solutions with key customer drivers, including infrastructure optimization goals, information governance, virtualization and Cloud computing

• Support virtualization deployments with strategic solutions based on capacity planning, workload management and backup and recovery requirements


Consultative Approach-We use the following tools to determine the most lucrative opportunities for your business and align our resources to support your goals

·         STORAGEPATH ARCHITECTURE-We will help you to deliver solutions across these high-priority areas: Storage Infrastructure Design and Management, Storage Utilization, Data Loss Protection and Recovery, Application Optimization


·         SOLUTIONSPATH ADVISOR:  This is a joint planning engagement which results in a detailed “roadmap” to success based on your specific business strengths and goals.

StoragePath University-This comprehensive enablement and training curriculum helps you to understand and overcome key barriers to market growth and access real world market knowledge, technical expertise and solution-selling skills and thereafter gain insight into drivers of high growth verticals

Strategic Tools and Resources-Speed time to market and optimize ROI with these business-building resources with SolutionPath Playbooks, SolutionsPath Demo Center and SolutionsPath Demand Center-.


SolutionsPath Services-Leverage Tech Data’s professional and managed services to initiate and accelerate sales and enhance margins which comprise of

·         ASSESSMENT SERVICES-These detailed analyses evaluate and align customer needs with key solutions, including storage optimization and backup modernization.


·         MANAGED SERVICES-Complete your solution with high-value, revenue-generating services ranging from disaster recovery and remote storage management to Cloud-based services.