The unique nature of virtualization solutions has led to various market challenges that many are unaware of or unprepared to address, including licensing complexities, integration difficulties and extensive training and certification requirements. Tech Data VirtualPath™ helps turn these challenges into opportunities by putting our experience, expertise and resources to work for you. Our dedicated team comprising sales and technically certified professionals with an unparalleled portfolio of specialized programs and services to align your business for success.


VirtualPath utilizes a strategic approach to help you understand, navigate and fully capitalize on the right virtualization opportunities for your business. Our team will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan leveraging the following offerings to help you achieve your virtualization business goals:

A Consultative Approach and Partnership: We customize our offerings to fit your specific business needs. That      means we take the time to first understand your business—including your current infrastructure, capabilities, competitive strengths and goals. Then we determine how best to support and enhance your virtualization business and solutions offering to accelerate your success.

Targeted Lead Generation: Our assessment-based approach allows us to determine and identify highly targeted sales leads that align with your business strengths, capabilities and solution offerings. As a result, you’re able to consistently focus your efforts and resources on highly lucrative opportunities that yield substantial and renewable returns for your business.

Comprehensive Education and Training: Tech Data VirtualPath provides extensive education and training resources to help you understand and overcome many of the key barriers to market growth and success. Offering an effective combination of in-depth market education and targeted technical training, Tech Data helps ensure that you and your team are equipped with the knowledge, insight and information needed to achieve the results you want—sooner.

Technical Resources and Expertise

Tech Data provides a full range of innovative services that add value to your business and solution offering so you can quickly and cost effectively expand your business reach and capabilities. Throughout your sales cycle, Tech Data delivers the comprehensive support you need to achieve your specific business goals including:

» SolutionsPath™ Services: offers a portfolio of professional and managed services that help you initiate and accelerate the sale of data center solutions across technologies – virtualization, storage, security and networking - and vertical markets. Tech Data enables you to assess, design, implement and manage services to maximize revenue and margins.

 » Integration Services: Integrate VMware along with specialized iSV packages onto iBM, hP, Sun and other leadingIx86 servers.

In addition, you have access to Tech Data’s pre-sales solution configuration and design services as well as Tech Data innovation centre, our unique demonstration tool that allows you to virtually show the latest virtualization hardware and software solutions to your customers.

Virtualization Supplier Ecosystem

By leveraging our relationships with leading suppliers of today’s most in demand virtualization technologies, Tech Data delivers comprehensive and compelling solutions for your customers as well as a powerful competitive edge for your business when pursuing various market opportunities.

We’ll work with you to leverage various programs available through Tech Data and our channel partners to support and enhance your efforts in the market.