Storage DR & BCP

Essential Solutions for Storage and Protection of Critical asset data

Information has never been more crucial to the survival of business. The explosive growth of applications has resulted in a demand for higher levels of data storage and an increasing dependence on information as a competitive differentiator. This application boom is making data storage and management an essential component of corporate strategy.

As a leading distributor of today’s top storage technologies, Tech Data is ideally positioned to help you capitalize on this considerable market opportunity. We connect you to the information, resources, relationships and opportunities you need to deliver highly effective and profitable storage solutions that bring measurable results for your customers and accelerate your success.


Storage Infrastructure Design: SAN, NAS, iSCSI, Storage Management, Hierarchical Storage Management, Archiving

Application Solutions: Application specific solutions for storage virtualization

Storage optimization: De duplication, virtualization, consolidation

Data loss protection and recovery: backup management, disaster recovery, business continuity