Whether you’re a traditional IT reseller looking to provide cloud technology solutions for the first time or a cloud service provider with existing cloud managed services, Tech Data can help you take your cloud solutions business to the next level.

Tech Data Cloud is our market offering for consumption - and subscription-based cloud services. It offers the portfolio, platform and enablement you need to transform your business and provide your customers with hybrid IT solutions. These solutions contain not only the hardware and software, but also the cloud services needed to replace or complement your client's existing IT infrastructure.

We provide you with access to the very best Cloud portfolio from market leading Cloud vendors. We pride ourselves on our broad portfolio of Cloud services, from which you can build the solutions that your customers need.

Introducing: The StreamOne Cloud Marketplace

StreamOneTM is Tech Data's unique, provisioning, billing and end user lifecycle management platform for consumption and subscription based Cloud services.

We have a complete suite of Cloud enablement activities that will help you to transform your business. From virtual webinars to consultant led face to face workshops we have all the training that your resources need.

The StreamOneTM Cloud Marketplace (SCM) helps you to learn, buy, and manage a broad range of cloud services from major cloud vendors offering SaaS, IaaS and PaaS. StreamOneTM Insights helps you manage and monitor performance of your client’s cloud services and usage in real time for Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. Take advantage of advanced services such as assessment, migration, security, and monitoring to make any customer transition to the cloud hassle free.

Key Benefits to Resellers

·         Multi cloud support

·         Self-sign up to cloud provider.

·         Ease to consume Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) products through a single platform

·         Partner-centric capabilities to quote, order and activate end-user 

·         Purchase and provision cloud services on behalf of your customers

·         Enable Management functions for subscription, modification and add-on


For more information, please contact our cloud team at cloud.in@techdata.com  

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